Our History

Silverdale Community Association started life on 9th April 1962 at a public meeting held at Farnborough School. The meeting adopted a constitution. An association was formed (later to become the “Silverdale Community Association”) with the objects as follows.

To promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the Wimpy Estate (now Silverdale) and neighbourhood without distinction of sex, politics, race, religion or any other opinions. To advance education and provide facilities in the interest of leisure time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life of the said inhabitants.

To establish a community centre and to maintain and manage such a centre for activities promoted by the association and its constituent bodies.

In 1965 the Wimpy Estate and the Association were renamed Silverdale as the estate was built on Silverdale Farm.

All the activities in the early years were centred on raising funds towards the building of the community centre. Indeed a scheme was established whereby local residents ‘bought a brick’ in order to contribute towards the building of the centre. With the aid of the Department of Education and Science and a lease from the city of Nottingham running until 1998, the Silverdale Community Centre was finally opened in 1977. This was 9 years after the original meeting. The centre cost £10,864 to build, of which £4,300 were received in grants.

The need for a bigger centre soon became apparent as the original building consisted of only a hall, kitchen, small committee room and toilets. By July 1976 the centre had been extended to include a lounge, new kitchen, larger existing kitchen and a storeroom with the loss of the committee room.

Over the years numerous improvements have been made. These included the installation of the wooden floor, false ceiling, enlargement of the car park, an additional storeroom, improved access arrangements and exterior lighting. More recent improvements have been; an outdoor play area, CCTV, a recycling centre, a new heating system, black out blinds, a centre office with answer machine and Internet facilities and general redecoration and internal storage improvements.

Some of the activities that started in 1971 are still continuing today. The playgroup for example is still a very active group. It originally began in Wilford Church Hall, with the children being taken there by taxi. It became one of the first groups to use the newly built centre.

The Social Section is another founder member group and has been responsible for raising some of the monies for continued improvements to the centre.

Having started in homes of local residents, the Senior Citizens Section still hold their regular Monday meeting and are still a thriving group.

These are a few of the many groups to use the centre facilities. We are proud that our Centre is such a valid focus for our community and serves such a diversity of ages. A full list of the centre users can be found in this booklet.

During the many years the Association has been in existence it has endeavoured to bring together the local community where they have been issues to address, whether this has been to improve or protect services to the local area. The Association is proud to have taken the lead on issues such as Flood banking, Bus services, Cycle path, Neighbourhood watch and many other matters of importance to Silverdale.


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